Oct 9, 2011

Rusty's Markets ― Food-y Typography

I had just flown into Cairns from Darwin, and I was ready to rock the East Coast. The day was 16 Sept 2011 and Rusty's Markets wasn't even open. Since the market is permanently located between two main streets in Cairns, people may still walk through the tarp-covered market stalls even when the market's closed. And that is how I found myself meandering through Rusty's aisles, transfixed by the food-y typography surrounding me. Yup, it was a slap-happy mango kind of day.

There's something about the aesthetic of these empty fruit & veg boxes that still has me mesmerized. How long ago were some of these boxes designed? And what were some of these designers thinking?! Maybe it's the jarring colour combos, or the tacky typography that my profs back at OCAD would surely have disapproved of. Or maybe I secretly enjoy seeing creepy happy faces on images of fruits. Whatever it is... I f*cking love 'em! And I know my sistren Bondrea loves 'em too.


  1. Have you seen if there actually fruits imported from my Native land? i know that the bananas and pineapple in Kiwiland come for my Homeland. So proud about that. watyusey?

    Lovely cornucupia of boxes. turned out very interesting.

  2. @Auntie San, I didn't see any boxes of fruit from the Pilipinas, sorry. It was all local produce, fruits & veg from the land of Oz. Thanks, Auntie! Yes, the stackage of boxes upon boxes definitely intrigued me too.