Sep 28, 2011


It all started with my backpackerness. I was trying to figure out a cheap way to make rice and veggies more flavourful. The problem was, I'd splurge on fresh veg and brown rice, then be stuck with plainass stirfries, sad face. That is, until I discovered these Nasi Goreng fried rice spice pastes for the first time! I gotta admit, it was Indofood's Nasi Goreng that first got me hooked. But I was curious to try some of the other Nasi Goreng brands out there. Below, I've ranked my findings in order of worst (#3) to best (#1). I hope my findings inspire you to try at least one of 'em! Let the wars begin!

#3. Pazar ― Sh.t! Bland! Tasteless! Pazar was so mild, I had to add tomato sauce (aka ketchup) to the entire dish because the blandness was killing me! This was some flavourless shyte, I tells ya! Don't even think about wasting 1 Aussie Dollar on this stuff! That is all.

#2. Bamboe ― Effing effing spicy! I found myself constantly adding more and more rice to the pan so the dish would mellow out and lessen in spiciness. I didn't enjoy this process, especially since I prefer 50% rice and 50% veggies in my version of Nasi Goreng. But hey, if you can handle the heat...

#1. Indofood ― I apologize in advance for being bias, but Indofood is still my go-to brand for Nasi Goreng. It's neither too spicy, nor too bland. It's been tried, tested, and straight up, it's the damn truth! Flavourful and reliable, Indofood gets 2 thumbs up in my books.

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