Nov 10, 2011

Hühnerhaus Berlin ― "Most Moistest Chicken Ever!"

...just had to take a minute to praise the bestest, juiciest, most moistest chicken ever! Hühnerhaus is an absolute must if you ever visit Berlin. I tells ya, 'nuff locals reach this joint because it's THAT good! You can easily rip the chicken apart with your fingers... the pieces are so flavourful, so succulent... love that it's such a no-frills, low-key place too. Thanks for the food-y tip, Julian. Kreuzburg, holla!


  1. is chicken in Berlin soooo good than our
    churrasco chicken in TO? i want to try a piece
    if you say bestest! bring me some when you come
    home belle - luv you much.

  2. @Moms: YES, this chicken was yummier than any of the Portugeuse chicken joints back home! I will try to stuff some in my backpack for you. Love youssss! xoxoxo