Nov 9, 2011


I don't know where to start in the attempt to tell you how geil Berlin was. Five days (18-22 Oct 2011) wasn't even long enough to absorb all the city had to offer. Highlights: ODing on falafels, our day-long bike tour through grimyass Kreuzburg, the Holocaust Museum, early morning currywurst missions, and steaming hawt bowls of fisch suppe at Julian & Leda's (much love, you guys!).

Here's a screenshot of photographs I cropped for the Berlin 2011 flickr album. When assembled in this way, these nien photographs are a decent representation of the city's streets-y kinda vibe I had the privilege of experiencing. Hands down, Berlin has been the most multicultural and the most cosmopolitan German city I've visited thus far. PS. Yes, that's me admiring the BERLIN WALL!!!


  1. I was there in August and I completely agree that it's a magickal and just plain incredible city.

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  2. Oh. My. F.cking. God. WENDL!!!!!!!!!!

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