Nov 7, 2011

Käsebrezel ―

Sorry to bust my face all big up in this biz, but the pic's too funny not to share. All you guys need to know is that fresh-baked pretzels are errywhere here in Deutschland! They can be purchased at most bakeries and some grocery stores. Ranging in price from 40c-€1 each, I find pretzels so addictive because of their soft texture and their slightly salty taste. Tip: pretzels are superb with Nutella!!!

Backfactory is a local bakery chain with reasonably-priced baked goods. They sell a Käsebrezel (pretzel with cream cheese) for only 99c! Not bad for a quick snack or lunch to-go, ja? Just look at the generous smears of cream cheese in that thing! Yes, it tasted as good as it looks. I felt the need to shed light on the humble Käsebrezel because I've never seen anything like it back in Toronto.


  1. you and i will have to find this in tdot to indulge in. love to have it. perhaps ic find them in nz. how s your beely off the fleabites?
    miss uuuuuu much. love mommmy #2

  2. @Mommy#2: Your frequent comments on my cheesy site never fail to put a smile on my face :) Aren't you in Kiwiland now??! Otherwise, when we're reunited once again, we'll try making pretzels ourselves! Do you reckon that would be a snazzy idea? Or too ambitious, perhaps?

  3. You are far but yet so near. I always love to see you in your website. You are missed by the fam circle. My gutsy girl, i am still in the big
    apple chillin with the relatives. We leave for Cali on Sat. and stay for 2 days there.......
    yeah we will definitely make pretzels no matter what...get the recipe if u can. sayonara

  4. @Mommy#2: When oh when shall I ever see you again then?! Perhaps sometime in 2012. But I won't stay in Toronto for long...

  5. come home my darling.......