Nov 4, 2011

It was a rainy day in Köln/Cologne...


...and our sneaker-ridden feet were soggy by the end of it, but we still had a bombass time! With only one day (12 Oct 2011) in the heavily-touristed German city, we accomplished all the obligatory things: we ouu'd & ahh'd while admiring the stained glass windows in the Cologne Cathedral, we proudly climbed 509 steps up the tower of the Cathedral only to see a foggy 360 degree view of the city...


...we ogled at all the splendid Berliner piled one on top of the other at Merzenich, a busy bakery located smack dab in the city center at Wallrafplatz... and of course, because I'm the biggest chocolate fiend that I know (aside from my sister, who comes in 1st place), it was absolutely essential that we hit up the Schokoladenmuseum. Yup, a museum devoted to the sexy substance we all know as chocolate.


To be honest, I expected more from the Schokoladenmuseum. Yes, it was kool that we could watch people making chocolate on one level of the museum, but we found the rest of the museum to be rather text-heavy. For example, the history of chocolate is explained on the ground level of the museum, but in such a non-interactive way! No one wants to read paragraphs and paragraphs of text printed onto walls, c'mon now. Not surprisingly, my fave part of the museum was the print/advertising/media section. Would ya look at the old school packaging design of these schokoladen bars?! Sickness.

One might assume the free wafer sticks dipped in chocolate would be my fave thing about the museum, but it wasn't... this poster was! It's so me. It's creepy, it's delicious, it's irksome, it's gooey... I just wanna eat it! I can't remember if it was an original or just a print, but I love it just the same. Look at the rosy-cheeked freaky-lookin' kids just slurpin' up the dark brown foodstuffs! And holla at the youngin' that's crying 'cause she ain't getting any chocolate, boo hoo. I'd do the same if I didn't have a piece of chocolate at the end of every meal. I feel for ya, likkle girl. Chocolatypography, what what.

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