Nov 24, 2011

[Part 1] WTF is a Christmas Market?

Way back in 2008, somewhere in Costa Rica, a fellow Austrian travelmate asked my sister and I, "Do you have Christmas markets in Canada?" In unison, we replied, "Hells nah! We wish!" This moment thus planted a seed within me. This seed represented my endless desire to experience a true, authentic Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market). Having never been to anything close to a Weihnachtsmarkt ever before (they cease to exist in Canada), I was fascinated at what one might entail.

And now... merely days from now... I'll finally get the opportunity to attend my first one, right here in Braunschweig! I took these photos just yesterday (23 Nov 2011), hours before the Braunschweiger Weihnactsmarkt officially opened up to the public. Everyone was scurrying about, tying up loose ends and such. I'm told 2 things are a definite must: 1. Attend the Weihnachtsmarkt at night (the vibe's just better with all the colourful lights lit up) 2. Get tipz off of Glühwein (hot, mulled wine). Part 2 innajiff!


  1. I LOVE XMAS MARKETS WOOT WOOT!!! Ain't nothin' like em back home... Ehyo Canada, when ya gonna get with the program and have Xmas markets too, huh?

  2. shellstar! miss you woman.
    aaaand just to let you know tdot has an xmas market :) I just went to it earlier this month - you would enjoy, they had mulled wine too.