Dec 1, 2011

Typical German Breakfast

Ain't no peanut butter here, so you can stop craving it right about now. It seems to me that Germans just ain't fond of sweet stuff for breakfast. Don't get me wrong, they're big fans of chocolate-y cereals and Nutella too. But on weekends, when people have the time to sit down with familia, typically, the German breakfast table consists of the following:


Sliced meat, sliced meat and more sliced meat!!! Fresh bread rolls (Brötchen) and/or sliced bread (Brot), typically of the rye variety. Cheese (Käse) of all sorts, though packaged Gouda slices seems to be a common favourite. If you're lucky, there'll also be smoked salmon (Lachs) and boiled eggs. And without a doubt, there'll be lots and lots of freshly-brewed coffee (Kaffee). Guten appetit, folks!


  1. lots of Dairy. any chance of porridge?
    lots of Calcium in that diet. i will try for a day or two but not on a daily basis.
    i will stick to my fly rice/ dried fish.
    love u kiddo.

  2. @Mommy #2: Hahaha. No chance of porridge, sorry. I'm afraid the concept of boiled rolled oats doesn't appeal to the Germans. They'd much rather prefer sliced meats. Wowee you got me craving fly rice & dried fish, Pilipino-style!