Jan 16, 2012

Currywurst: Imbiss vs. Hausgemacht


Let's start with the definition of Currywurst. The translation in English: Currysausage. Now. What exactly is a Currywurst? A grilled or fried sausage served with "curry ketchup" and a dash of curry powder, typically accompanied with fries and found almost everywhere in Germany. Essentially, the Currywurst is to a German what the Big Mac is to an American: the epitome of fast food.

Left: Takeout | Right: Homemade

Takeout (Imbiss) — I've eaten Currywurst more times than necessary to affirm that I don't find a huge difference from takeout joint to takeout joint. Some places serve better quality sausages over other places, yes. But the one thing I cannot understand is why it's called Currywurst when I can never ever really taste any curry. A couple shakes of curry powder atop a sausage just doesn't suffice for me.

Homemade (Hausgemacht) — After buying some sausages from a proper butcher and pan-frying them up, I proceeded to make a curry ketchup with wayyyyyy more curry powder than the recipe called for. Call me crazy for taking the time to prepare a dish at home that I could've very well bought down the street... but if you're gonna call it Currywurst, it damn well better be spicy and taste of curry! Shelley's secret ingredient? Asian-style chili sauce. Eh Germans, think you guys can handle the heat? Bottom line: homemade Currywurst is worth the effort. Ain't nothin' beats fresh-cut fries, either.

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