Jan 17, 2012

Grand Electric — K.L Vasos & $3 Tacos


Baiting the scene out: I'm visiting Toronto for a minute. And before I could decide whether I wanted to or not, I find myself being lured back into the Tdot food-y scene by my dear food-y friends. Trust me, it ain't easy finding food like this in Germany, so I'm juicing it for what it's worth while I'm here.


This, meine Freunde, is what they call a "Key Lime Vaso." What the $#%@ is a Vaso?! I'unno. The lime-y middle layer was 50% sour and 50% sweet (intense!!!!!!!!!!!), and Marievee couldn't decide if the presentation of this little do-hicky pleased her or not. A tad too much whipped cream für mich.

Amusing story: I took the photo on the left while Marievee took the photo on the right. And we both took our photos at the exact same time! You can kinda tell with the funky lighting goin' on. Pictured here are Grand Electric's Baja Fish Taco ($3) and Pork Belly Taco ($3). I preferred the Fish Taco because of its crazy combo of textures. So feelin' the fact that Grand Electric played a longass Kweli set, too. Can't forget to shoutout Lindsay for showin' us some BOH love. Congrats & keep doin' ur thang, girl!

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