Jan 18, 2012

Turtles, Turtles, RA RA RA!


Better than the original, I kid you not. What 'chu know about dark chocolate Turtles with homemade caramel, hmm?! Big ups to Anhskis for making sure I didn't burn my caramel a second time (whoops!) and for tempering the chocolate. In all honesty, the only thing I could do without Anh's help was roast the pecans. Seriously though, I'd love to share this recipe with you guys. But the procedure would be way too difficult to describe on paper. Sooo.. free demos at my place for whoever's interested?


  1. how about kiwi kiwi whittakers whittakers.....

    back to backing now that i am more organize in my wee kitchen. will try to make your turtles.
    (they really look like turtles) sleeping ones don't see their feet. hehe

  2. @Mommy #2: I miss Kiwiland's Whittaker's chocolates! Such yummy flavours and such good-quality chocolate. Hoorah for back to baking! They do really look like sleeping Turtle's, don't they? ...with their little feet poking out sometimes, hehehehe.

  3. try to bring you a bar in spring.

    btw. your bday cake looked yummilicious.(homebacked)

    speaking of that.... are you going out for winterlicious?

  4. @Mommy #2: Yes, my cake was yummicilious! Thanks to Anh, the bakestress for life. It was a chocolate peanut butter cake, SO GOOOOOOD! Haven't made plans for Winterlicious yet... somehow not really feelin' it this year... don't know why...

  5. tasty turtles guess who

  6. @Anonymous: Hmm, let me guess. Is your last name Le??!