Feb 27, 2012

[Fotos] Karneval Braunschweig 2012

My first Karneval in Deutschland was dope! Trippy floats, kids in costumes, adults in costumes, live musical bands, dancing errywhere... sh.t was crazy! I seriously don't know how else to describe it but to say it's some sort of cross between the Santa Klaus Parade and Halloween. I guess you could also say it's a Mardi Gras with German flava, though I haven't yet been to the annual New Orleans event.

We celebrated Karneval here in Braunschweig last last Sunday, on 19 February 2012. 'Twas quite a nippy day, but nevertheless, here are the 3 things that will remain forever ingrained in my head: 1. Free candy (the people on the floats constantly throw candy out to the crowd throughout the entire parade, hence the Halloween-y vibe) 2. Drunken peeps (oh, did you forget that people can publicly drink alcohol here in Deutschland?!) 3. Grown@ss men in pink wigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sweet , sounds like fun , bloody germans

  2. omg. the oversized, cartooney characters are dope!

  3. Never seen these "bloody Germans" go so buckwild in public before! Oversized cartooniness went outta controlllllll.