Feb 12, 2012

Goodbye Tdot, Hallo Germany (again)!

Omg, I can't contain my excitement. Two short months at home (no matter how much I try to deny it, Toronto will always be "home") and it's on to the next Life Challenge! Holy scheiße, I'm moving to Germany!!! As we speak, I am terrified, anxious, ecstatic and a jumble of nerves. But because nothing else in this world makes me feel more alive than living abroad, I am confident in my decision. This is what I love to do and no one can tell me otherwise. #optingoutofthecookiecutterlife


Some people assume I'm on a vacation 24/7. Um, no. I gotta eat too. It's not rocket science: so long as you work in the country you're living in, you'll be able to afford living there. And encountering the challenges of living in other countries is precisely what I crave!!! For example, the whole process of teaching myself German these past few weeks has been fulfilling beyond words. I am proud to say ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch jetzt :) My motto? Whatever you wanna do, whoever you wanna be — start living it right now. PS. Spot the asterisk & come visit! PPS. The map's old but ain't it a beaut?


  1. Good luck with your adventures Shelley xxx

  2. @jo: Thank you for the well wishes, jo! I'm on the Greyhound bus to NYC as we speak! JFK-TXL, holla!

  3. von voyage ......

    i will be missing you.....

  4. @mommy#2: Danke, danke. I will be missing you too! But I will see you again soon, perhaps this summer ;)

  5. ok. keep well.

    yeah, see you summer. no perhaps. xoxo