Feb 10, 2012

Foods in Toronto that I will miss :(

It's not like I'm leaving forever. But since I knew I'd be gone for a bit, I made sure to indulge in some of my favourite Tdot foods these past two months. I've condensed the endless list below...


—Chef's Special Pad Thai from Khao San Road
—Korean Tofu Soup from Owl of Minerva
—Curry Chicken Patty from Randy's Take-out
—Montreal-style Bagels from Bagel House
—Sparky Gianduja Truffle from SOMA
—Pork Empanada from Baker's Best Bakery
—Walnut/Red Bean Cakes from Hodo Kwaja
—Green Olive Bread from St. Phillips Bakery
—Fat-noodled Pancit made by Mama Pascual :)

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