Jan 30, 2012

Oz 2010-2011: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

For shits & giggs, I've plotted my journey in Oz and New Zealand (11/2010-10/2011) on this map. The dotted lines represent traveling by plane and the solid lines represent traveling by train or automobile. Oz is such a huge country, it'd take me at least 2 years to backpack it properly. As such, I didn't have the time (nor the $) to explore the Kimberleys or SA :( I am, however, proud to say that I literally came full circle and achieved most of my work/travel goals in Oz. Hallelujah! Let it be known that if you (YES, you!) are in need of Oz-y backpacker-ish tips/advice, you know who to holler at.



flew: San Francisco > Melbs
worked: 3 months in Melbs
roadtripped: up to Sydney (coastal route)
roadtripped: down to Melbs (inland route)
flew: Melbs > Auckland
roadtripped: down the North Island to Wellington (inland route)
roadtripped: down the South Island to Queenstown (coastal route)
flew: Christchurch > Sydney
flew: Sydney > Perth
worked: 2.5 months in Perth
flew: Perth > Alice Springs
roadtripped: west to Kings Canyon & Ayers Rock
roadtripped: east to Alice Springs & up to Darwin
worked: 9 weeks in Jabiru
flew: Darwin > Cairns
roadtripped: down to Byron Bay (coastal route)
road the rails: down to Sydney (coastal route)



  1. That's awesome. I did the same. I like ur page

  2. What an A W E S O M E " Journey".

    Yes Shelz, It was not the "Destination"

    It was indeed the Journey...

  3. @Anonymous: Hmm, do I know you?! @SKP: You're absolutely right, it's all about the journey....! Too many people these days focus on the destination! What up with that?!