Apr 5, 2012

The Best Damn Aussie Burger in Germany

I had some sort of job training (for a company I'm now employed by, yippee!) in Hamburg last weekend and we were lucky enough to crash at Benny & Juli's place. On Friday night, Benny took us to one of his favourite bars just down the street from where he lives. Benny thought André and I would be extra amused at the fact that it was an Australian pub, and of course we were! We sipped on beers we had missed dearly (i.e. Toohey's and Carlton) even though the damned imports were 4 Euros each.


The guys ordered chicken wings (which were actually pretty decent) but once I saw this listed on the menu, I just had to try it. For old time's sake, ya know? Down Under calls it The Workingman Burger, which boggles my mind because it's clearly an Aussie Burger. Oh well. It had all the fixins it was supposed to have: a big fat pineapple ring, slices of bacon, a fried egg, beetroot... Boy, did things get sloppy. One thing's for certain: this burger was a million times better than Hungry Jack's piece of shh.


All in all, we were happy not only because we were in the company of awesome people and we were chillin' in one of the koolest cities in the world, but because we felt the feel-good Aussie vibes that night. HA! It's odd but true, though! We always reflect on our backpacker days in Oz, and it's even a thought to return someday (not just for holidays). Oz has it all: the jobs are well-paid, the weather never dips lower than 0°C (depending on where you live) and the lifestyle's so chill and laid-back. Siggghhhh.

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