May 20, 2012

Canadian Invasion in Braunschweig

May 1st was a public holiday here in Germany, and it was perfect timing because that's when the Canadians invaded! Mike and his cousin Kelsey were our first visitors from Canada, so you can imagine how effing excited I was! After taking them on a bike tour of our city, we did as most of the Braunschweigers do on May 1st: BBQ. Here we are hangin' out in Prinzen Park... it was packed, btw!


...and then, on May 2nd, we canoed around Braunschweig! It sounds funny, but there's actually this really pretty river that circles all around the city. Absurdly, you don't need to drive 30 minutes up north to get in touch with nature here! Awesome, no?! The whole canoeing experience took about 3 hours and it was heaps of fun. Most memorable moment: the baffled look on locals' faces at the sight of us portaging through a residential area. Hahaha. Thanks for not tipping over, guys! Go Team Canada!


It's DÖNER, Mike, not DONER! Hahaha. After an action-packed day of canoeing, we all agreed on döner. So we took the Canadians to a place André claims has the best döner he's ever had. See, Mike and Kelsey have already tried döner, but they've never tried döner from Anatolien Grill. I gotta admit, they serve the biggest döners I've ever seen, but I've definitely tried better-tasting döners. All in all, the Canadians were lovely to host and it was a pleasure showing them a bit of our city. I ♥ having visitors!


  1. Ooh, I'm a Canadian(from Toronto)/Filipino living in Braunschweig too. I'm only here for the summer though to complete an internship. Currently trying to settle down now after a trip around Europe that just ended 2 days ago.

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog! Been missing Toronto quite a bit, haha. Great pics, btw!

  2. Hi Trizza, pleasure to meet you! Oh my goodness that is too bizarre, another Torontonian living in BS? And another Filipino-Canadian, for that matter?! Kool! We should meet up one time! And show these Germans what Canadians are all about! Haha. I haven't missed Tdot in a while, I haven't lived there since 2010! Thanks for the comments :) I'll holla @ your FB...

    1. Agreed, we should def meet up some time! I think the reason why I'm missing TO is because hardly anyone speaks/understands English in this city, and it's tough buying anything here with my very shitty german hahaha. I have no idea how long it'll take for my internet to get set up in my studentenwonheim (I hope I spelled that right) so I currently only get to go online at work where FB is blocked. Ugh. But I'll def add you back on facebook when I can. :)