May 15, 2012

Filipinos in Braunschweig?!


Marshall McLuhan once said, "Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity." Only within the last 1.5 years of living abroad have I come to thoroughly understand this. As a foreigner here, I'm constantly asked "Where are you from?" I always proudly respond, Canada!" If I receive a bewildered facial expression, I further explain, "My parents are from the Philippines." Ohhh.

Back when I was living in Toronto, whenever someone asked me "Where are you from?" I'd respond, "I'm Filipino." Strange, eh? Such is the common case for being born and raised in an immigrant country. Nowadays, I identify myself as a Canadian who was raised in/amongst the Filipino culture. And I gotta admit, I miss it. I miss mom's pancit palabok, pandisal from Baker's Best... even all the loud famjams. So imagine my state of shock after finding out that Filipinos exist here in Braun-town. Hallo Deutsch-Philippinischer Kulturkreis, guess who wants to become your newest member?

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