Jun 30, 2012

Freestyle Chocolate Tour Berlin

Before my recent 5-day jaunt in Berlin, I had researched and made note of chocolate shops I wanted to visit. Here are some of the things I tried: Dark Chocolate Ice Cream from Art en Chocolat, some kinda truffle with crispy gold-coloured flakes on top from Werkstatt der Süße, and a nougat-filled macaron-looking mini-sandwich goodie from Schokogalerie.


Hands down, the ice cream was my fave of the three. It was far from creamy and had more of an intensely bitter flavour. I can't even remember what the truffle tasted like so it couldn't have been all that (though I've heard that Werkstatt der Süße does have some amazing cakes). And the nougat-filled goodie was interesting because both the top and bottom pieces were similar in texture to meringue. The lady working at Schokogalerie told me that it was a Michel Cluizel product that had been sent in from France. Mm-hmm. Let me just end off by saying (in the words of Ates), "Chocolate is my life!!!!!!"

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