Jul 17, 2012

Homemade Dinners: Filipino Food

I'll give you €5 if you guess these three Filipino dishes correctly! Hehe. Ah gosh, I really wish I cooked more Filipino food at home. To be honest, since I've been living in Germany, I've been more interested in cooking traditional German dishes! Anyhoo, Moms helped me out by relaying her secret recipes to me via Skype/phone, and here are the results of my attempts to make the dishes I grew up with...

Did you guess all the dishes correctly? Starting from the photo at the top, so far I've attempted to make Adobo, Beef Torta and Pancit Palabok... and not one of them turned out even slightly similar to Mom's original dishes. Scheiße ey. My (brightass orange) Palabok sauce was too salty, my Torta was too starchy (I used too much annatto seed powder) and our Adobo was still tender/juicy but just not sour enough. At this point I'm scared to death of even attempting to make Sinigang, but oh, how I crave it!


  1. Ich war dabei

  2. @aussie: Natürlich warst du dabei!

  3. Mmmm.. looks good yo!

    I came across this a while back...


  4. @Joe-Joe: Thanks for the link, cuz! I did come across this blog a while back, but totally forgot about it and haven't checked it out since. Lots of recipes for me to try making now... yipeeeee!