Jul 16, 2012

KaufBar Braunschweig — Mittagstisch (Mjam!)

In a city where the "eating out" options consist wholly of döner and/or pizza joints, bad Asian food and overpriced restaurants, there's literally only one place in Braunschweig that I gladly frequent for lunch. Every weekday, KaufBar serves up a 100% vegetarian "Daily Special" for only 4,50 Euro! The menu changes constantly since a different dish is offered every day. Here's a meal I recently ate at KaufBar: 2 hefty falafels with hummus, homemade pita bread and salad. Filling, delicious, and great value for $!


  1. When I come visit you, we are going here!

  2. OHHHHH don't make me get my hopes up :( Wish you were hurrrrrrr! I MISS MY ATE!!!!!!!!!!