Oct 23, 2012

[FOTO] Goose Ristorante Pizzeria — Roma, Italia

Hands down, this place served up the best Italian food I've ever eaten. I mean the flavours were just so memorable and had so much depth goddammit. Take this appetizer above, for example. Olive spread, mushroom spread and artichoke spread — each on individual pieces of crunchy bread. All three tasted fresh/robust and there is no way in hell they could've been pre-made and taken from glass jars or tin cans. It's all about homemade errything at Goose. The mushroom spread still haunts my dreams, btw.

The pizza was great, but the pasta dishes at Goose are what really blew me away. Check out the fusilli dish above. It looks simple, but the mushrooms in the dish paired with the creamy/earthy sauce so well that I nearly died. I'm clearly exaggerating but good food must be praised, no?! OH, and the texture of the bucatini pasta — marvellous! With just the right amount of bite to it! Furthermore, Goose gets extra brownie points in my book because of 1. excellent service and 2. a cozy atmosphere (we sensed that a lot of locals also frequent the restaurant, which can never be a bad thing). A definite must-eat in Rome!

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