Oct 20, 2012

Gelato Madness!!! #Rome #Italy

Straight up, the gelato is great is Italy and all, but Germany's got some wickeddd gelato going on to. And it's about 0,70-1,00 Euro per scoop here. The cones in Rome were priced at 1,50-2,00 Euros per scoop! Absolute lunacy! In any case, what you see here is a gelato flavour called "Variegated Nutella." The strangeass name is what lured me into trying it. Couldn't tell ya which gelato shop it's from... all I know is that it's somewhere amongst the narrow cobblestone streets in the Trastevere 'hood. (woo!)

"Madd chocolate-y" is the term I'd use to describe this flave. I would have enjoyed 60% vanilla gelato with 40% Nutella gelato. Instead, this thing was close to 80% Nutella flavour! Wayyyyy sweet. And though it tasted good, the Nutella gelato was closer in consistency to a spread, so it was runny and melted super fast. Enjoyable, but definitely not a flavour I could eat every day. Ah well. #YOLO

YIPEEEEEE! Well. These mini gelato cones have a special story indeed. Let's just say, I kept seeing them on my last trip to Italy back in 2009, and never ended up having the chance to try one! As such, I made it a priority to finally do so during our recent trip to Rome. Simply put, they're small scoops of gelato coated with chocolate, white chocolate, pink chocolate or green chocolate (LOL). But they're oh so cute, handy and fun to eat! I tried the chocolate-coated mini cone, which had hazelnut gelato inside.

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