Oct 17, 2012

Orada sa Blitvom // Sea bream with Chard

OMFG, guys. This was by far the best meal we ate in Croatia. And we cooked it ourselves, camping-dinner styles! But I gotta give it up to the friendly folks at Camp Tamaris. The owners of the home-y camping place were super friendly and helpful. We asked them what they usually eat for dinner, and they verbally gave us the recipe for this classic Croatian dish. Turned out stellar, if I do say so myself.

This dish was super easy to make! All we did was fry up the fresh Sea bream in good quality Istrian EVOO. Took about 5 minutes to cook on each side. As for the chard dish, it was also easy to make! We washed, peeled, diced and boiled a buncha potatoes first. When the potatoes were nearly cooked, we added two heads of washed/dried chard leaves to the pot, in addition to 3 cloves of chopped garlic.

Then, you gotta stir in heaps of Istrian EVOO and salt & pepper to the pot. After you've added the greens in, the dish takes about 5 minutes to fully cook. Since Sea bream is commonly found in the Mediterranean Sea, it was so cheap in Croatia! That is, compared to buying fresh fish in Germany, anyway. I wish it always cost around €3/kg for fresh fish here! I'd eat fish errrrrryday if it did!

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