Oct 18, 2012

Lady with Red Balloons

We hadn't planned on visiting Austria at all during our roadtrip, but since Salzburg was along the way back to Braunschweig, we thought, "Why the heck not?!" Much to my discontent, we were only able to spend one hour (can you believe it?!) in the city. Time was of the essence but it was still well worth it! As we quickly strolled through Mirabelle Gardens, I spotted a group of people wearing what I thought was "Bavarian" clothing. But I've come to learn that this type of traditional dress (e.g. this woman's Dirndl) is worn in Bavaria, Liechtenstein, South Tyrol, and Austria.


  1. Pants, pants, pants, pants, pantsssss in the window!

  2. @atez: You craaaaazzzzzy, son!