Nov 29, 2012

[FOTO] Guido's Pizzeria Braunschweig

What a breath of fresh air Guido's was! As I've mentioned many times before, there aren't many places to get cheap & yummy let alone interesting & creative eats here in BS. It definitely ain't comparable to pizza from Napoli, but at least the pizza here's good enough for me to continue frequenting the place. They even sell "1/2 pizzas" you can order to-go from a window outside for as low as €2,65!

Located dead smack in BS's city centre, the small Italian pizzeria was decently busy for a random Monday lunch hour. I admittedly liked the cozy ambiance of the place. We ordered 2 pizzas: your good ol' classic Margherita and the "Special of the Day" Spinach & Garlic. Each pizza was around €5 which isn't too shabby at all. Excellent crust on 'em butttttt I do have some constructive criticisms. These pizzas need to pack more punch! If it's a Spinach & Garlic pizza, gimme echt Knoblauch Geschmack, please! And who really likes ready-made herbs & spices sprinkled onto a pizza these days?! Not I.

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