Dec 1, 2012

Sprungfeder ― WTF IS IT??!

Sprungfeder means "coil spring" in English, hence the crazy shape of these unbelievably edible things. The Xmas Market has officially started in BS, folks! I took a lovely stroll through it today, and boy was it packed! They have all the same food stands and vendors as last year, but this year'll be different for me! I'm gonna try all the foodstuffs I never had the chance to try (e.g. Braunkohl, Mumme-Schokolade Getränke, Sprungfeder, Schneeballen, etc). You'll find out what the other things are real soon. I myself have yet to discover WTF a Sprungfeder tastes like, but don't they look like deep-fried Slinkies?

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