Dec 5, 2012

Rausch SchokoMuseum / Chocolate Museum

A chocolate museum exists a mere 33km away from us, how kool is that?! It's located in a small town called Peine, and we missioned there by train not long ago just to check out what this SchokoMuseum was all about. Though I can't say it's a must-see, it's a rather informative museum and here's the best thing about it: they have a mini volcano that blurbbles and blubbles out melted chocolate! Look closely at the pic above. That's real chocolate stained on all the walls! Sadly, I never saw the volcano erupt ;(

A mock candy shop was another interesting sight at the museum, and what you see two pics up are typical marzipan candies from "back-in-the-day" Germany. Having said that, I have yet to see such intricately beautiful marzipan treats in any Konditoreien here these days. But the hunt continues...!

Attached to Rausch SchokoMuseum is a shop where people can buy everything the company offers. One can even buy chocolates in bulk here, and the concept of bulk anything is a rarity in Germany! 'Course I couldn't go home empty-handed, so I decided to try these four balls. Three of them were mediocre at best (i.e. Anh's truffles are far better in terms of taste and quality) but one of them was decent. Hint: My fave ice cream flave is Maple Walnut. Can you guess which one I actually liked?