Dec 27, 2012

Christmas Dinners: Dec. 23―26, 2012

Ya-hoo for conquering my first official Xmas in Germany! Not that it was hard to do ;) Gotta say that the traditions here are not far from what I grew up doing. One key difference is that people put up their Xmas trees much closer to Dec. 25. And a small % of people put up Xmas lights outside their homes. But yeah, similar to back home we did nothing but eat for a few days in a row.

Dec. 23 ― Roasted Duck with  Red Cabbage & Potatoes
Dec. 24  ― Steamed Trout & Potatoes
Dec. 25 ― Slow-cooked Deer with Mashed Potatoes & Savoy Cabbage
Dec. 26 ― Sausages & Salads with Homemade Bread

Unfortunately, I cannot say I took part in the creation of any of these homecooked meals. But much love and thanks to the talented chefs and amazing people in my life who prepared them! It's been awesome indeed to have eaten such varied, delicious dishes over the past few days. #trulyblessed

The last time I'd eaten duck was ages ago, so you can imagine what a treat that was to have! As well, the only fish André and I ever eat is frozen, so being fed 1 whole trout on a dinner plate was luxurious indeed. Oh, and Klaus & Cilly's deer dish?! Absolutely s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. Firstly, I'd never tried deer before, and boy, was it surprisingly tender. Its taste and texture kinda tasted to me like a cross between liver and beef. Effing can't begin to describe to you how good the deer paired with mashed potatoes, man. And then back to basics at the end of the 4-day eating streak with Renate's typical German dinner ;)

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