Dec 28, 2012

Museum Heimathaus Münsterland ― Grußkarten zu Weihnachten

"Postkarten aus Deutschland und verschiedenen Ländern aus aller Welt, teilweise gelaufen, in unterschiedlichen Drucktechniken, karten vom Ende des 19. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart."

RELiGIO is a really kool religious museum of sorts located not far from Münster. It's in a small town called Telgte. We visited it the other day and I found it fascinating! What's more, we were able to see the "only during Christmastime" Krippenmuseum, where artists from all over the world have their mangers (most are sculptures, but some are paintings or drawings) showcased at the museum. Sadly, most of my pics of the mangers turned out too dark. Here are some aesthetically-interesting postcards I spotted and I've decided to share instead. Still pondering what country they're from... any guesses?

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