Jan 28, 2013

Kaiserschmarren ― WTF IS IT??!

André's Kaiserschmarren (left) vs. Shelley's Kaiserschmarren (right)

To put it simply, Kaiserschmarren are Austrian-style pancakes that are also popular here in Germany. Similar to North American pancakes in terms of its batter, Kaiserschmarren differs in that it contains whipped egg whites. It's cooked differently as well. While being fried in a buttered pan, it is split into chunky pieces (using 2 turners) and then (usually) served with a fruity sauce. But we just prefer icing sugar. Who's Kaiserschmarren turned out better, you ask? Mine or André's? Well, I gotta admit... mine just weren't as light and fluffy as his. :( Here's the recipe we both used, minus the addition of raisins.

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