Jan 27, 2013

Typical Bread in Germany ― ALDI Frische Backwaren

I've been wanting to do a post on the bread culture in Germany for ages now! Not knowing where to start, I decided to stick with the basics and show ya'll the types of bread that people here typically eat on a daily basis. We usually buy fresh loaves of bread from supermarkets similar to Aldi, which is a "value for money" supermarket chain in DE. Here's how the bread section in an Aldi looks like, as well as some scans from a recent Aldi flier.

It's common to see a Krustenbrot, Weltmeister or Bauernvesper loaf at ours (though Weizenmisch is my absolute fave). Only once in a while would I prefer a Vollkorn or Kürbis-Kartoffel loaf, as they're denser and have a texture I don't always feel in the mood for. On weekends (sometimes on random weekdays) we treat ourselves to fresh bread rolls such as Bäckerbrötchen or Laugenbrötchen. Plain and classic, Bäckerbrötchen are the most popular bread roll of choice here. Germans love 'em smeared with butter and topped with cheese and/or sliced meats. Best combo ever: mozz, pesto & tomatoes! >

It's true what they say: "German bread is not your usual breed of bread." I can't remember ever tasting this type of bread in Canada, where starchy/airy toast-like breads reign supreme (Hi, Dad!). Back in Oz, I remember my German friends always used to say they missed bread from back home. Now I totally understand what they mean! My one pet peeve is that most of the bread loaves here contain rye (I'm not a huge rye fan), but I can deal. And as I already mentioned in a previous post, little bakeries and supermarkets selling fresh Brötchen exist at every corner; they're never too far from reach.

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  1. German bread is great.
    The soft buns with the hard crust are amazing, and I also like Aldi's Weltmeister-Mehrkorn. I haven't managed to make this bread or the buns at home.