May 21, 2013

[FOTOS] Heidepark 2013 ― Roller Coasters / Achterbahnen

I can now say I've been to a real amusement park in Germany! We purposely chose to visit Heidepark on a rainy day (last Sat), knowing full well the lineups would be short. Lo and behold, they were! And though we were rained upon like madd, it was so worth it. Furthermore, we managed to get our hands on 2 for 1 tickets (valid before May 31, 2013), how is that?! My photos are sh.t due to the weather, but they'll suffice. Look closely at the photo above and see if you can spot a Drop Zone sort of ride.

It's kinda crazy because almost every single ride I saw reminded me of (or looked exactly the same as) the rides at Canada's Wonderland. I couldn't help but compare the two! Guess it's because I worked at Canada's Wonderland and I know it like the back of my hand. Take the ride above, for example. Is it not an exact replica of Top Gun?! And the ride below reminded me of the Log Ride at Centre Island.

...the ride above looked exactly like Dragon Fire... and the ride below was super similar to Minebuster.

Now, this was the only roller coaster that didn't remind me of anything I've previously seen or been on! The picture doesn't do justice to how FUN this ride was. Before plummeting you down into the mouth of this crazy-looking monstrous ship of some sort, they stop you for a few seconds at the top of the hill. F.cking bosssssss! One of the best "hill feelings" everrrr. Hands down, the closest feeling I could get to simulating that bungee-jumping weightlessness feeling. Who doesn't crave that ish? #LIFE

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