May 26, 2013

Monocle | Germany: Boring is Banished

The last (or is it still the current?) edition of Monocle featured a lengthy article on Germany, entitled Boring is Banished. I cannot disagree with them calling the country "home to fresh ideas and new developments," but that definitely wouldn't be the first thing a foreigner arriving in Germany would say. Living as an expat in Germany has had it's challenges, #1 being that they're not an immigrant country (like Canada). As such, I just don't think they're as tolerant towards a wide variety of cultures and nationalities as countries like my home and native land. But as we say o'er here, "Das ist so!"

Nevertheless, the article was still an interesting read. All the cities listed above are indeed known for whatever's written in their corresponding captions (lol, lederhosen in Munich). I agree with Monocle.. "It's time for the world, especially Germans, to embrace a new future." Germany wants so badly to be an international leader (economically and what have you) and the only way I think this can happen is if we put history in the past, set aside notions of staunch tradition and collectively be more open-minded.

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