Jul 21, 2013

Flensburg, Germany

We finally had the opportunity to get outta Braunschweig last weekend and see a lil somethin' different. Thankkkkk godddddd. I have a serious case of itchy feet at the moment so don't mind my bluntness. Some friends of ours got married up in Flensburg, which is a small city in northern Germany and only 10 minutes away from the Danish border. And wouldn't you know, I instantly fell in love with this quaint port town! It sorta felt like a mini-Hamburg, minus the humongous container ships. And see that church in the background? Benni & Juli got married there.

I have heaps of pics of Flensburg's port, but this street (Norderstraße) was just kooler than kool. We drove along it in a frustrated huff while attempting to find parking. #shoetossing in Deutschland?! Just one week ago, I'd never seen anything like it in this country before. Pleasantly surprised indeed. Eh if any one of you can tell me in no longer than two sentences why people do this shoe tossing thang in the first place, I'll give you a Euro.

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