Jul 29, 2013

[Product Review] EDEKA Cheesy Maple Pie

After hitting the shelves just this summer, I was super excited to try this product. No lie, the very notion that something maple-flavoured available in Germany delighted the inner Canadian in me!! This is what the product claims to be: a popsicle (or Eis am Stiel) consisting of cheesecake-flavoured ice cream covered in white chocolate and studded with caramelized walnut pieces. I should have put 2+2 together in the beginning, since the German attempt at "American-style" cheesecakes is by far the worst concoction known to man. How, then, could they be expected to pull off this popsicle flavour?!

Sadly, there's wasn't the slightest taste of cheese in this popsicle, Why the $&*# emblazon CHEESY all over the packaging when one cannot taste cheese in your product?!?! Pshhhhhhhhh. At the very least some maple syrup flavour existed inside the popsicle itself and that paired quite nicely with the crunchy walnuts. But then why not just call the popsicle White Chocolate Maple Walnut instead???!!? To call this popsicle PIE-like when it lacks even a hint of pie crust taste/texture is false advertising, folks!!!! I'm so bent outta shape that I'll end it right here.

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