Aug 11, 2013

[Flickr] 39. Bremerhavener Festwoche 2013

I visited the North Sea for the first time just last month, and it was this particular festival that lured me there. Bremerhavener Festwoche is a yearly festival of ships of all kinds (everything from ancient to modern styles) on showcase. Of course, typical festival types of food (e.g. soft serve ice cream) and drink (e.g. bier, bier and more bier) were also available. All were welcomed to come on board the ships, take a look around and even speak to some of the captains!

Now I ain't the biggest ship fan in the world, but this festival was definitely worthwhile to see, and it was free for goodness' sake! My fave part was visiting a WWII-submarine-turned-museum and gawking at all the tiny cabins the soldiers slept in... crazy! Cannot wait to find myself up by the North Sea again, perhaps next month during the ebb & flow's low season. The area's a UNESCO World Heritage Site eh!


  1. Two words: BIG PICKLES!

  2. @atez: lolololol 'yooooo there was a spicy pickle that I should've tried!! But I wasn't craving one at the time. :(