Aug 18, 2013

Berlin ― Summer 2013

Thanks to my lovelies in Berlin, the past two times I visited my favourite city, I had cozy & centrally-located digs to crash at. Lucky me! The summer we've had in Germany has been ammmmazing thus far. We've had really hot & humid days and I was the only one not crying about it. Germans aren't into extreme heat, punkt. Anyhoo, here are some fun snapshots from my recent weekend getaways...

Vegan brunch buffets, swimming on the wrong side of lakes, cheersing at the Berliner Bierfest, flat-warming parties, snacking and chillin' in parks, random graffiti sightings, Mauerpark karaoke sessions... this summer will mos def go down in history. It was also my 2nd official summer in Germany and I'm beginning to feel more at home here! In comparison to last year, now I feel more comfortable with the language, the culture and the way things work in general. Having said that, there are still heaps more countries I'd like to live in! :/ Nja, so ist das Leben. #foreverwanderlusting #expatlife

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