Aug 19, 2013

Deuces, Deutschland!

Peace out, Germany! Hello Begium!!! After endless weeks hearing about other peoples' vacations, it's officially our turn! Omg, I can't effing wait. It's just important for me to continue travelling, you know? I feel like lately I haven't been doing it as often as I'd like, so seeing something different, even if it's just a neighbouring country, is invaluable for me. Yup, we take off for Belgium in a few hours.

Antwerp will be our first stop. And then I've kinda roughly planned it like this: Antwerp --> Gent --> Brugge --> hit the coast --> head back inland onto Brussels. Camping/Backpacker stylezzzz. We gangster like that. We don't need the hotels and the high life. Not yet, anyway. Teehee. Okay kids, have fun!!! And enjoy what's left of the summer, k?! Tschüß!!!!!

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