Oct 27, 2013

Dear Bondz: Goldener Oktober + Litfaßsäule

Sing it, sis!!!

All these numbnuts pretend to be art fans because it is indeed cool to be "cultured" like S. Carter and KanYeezy. How many nicknames does Mr. West have, btw?! (Fine) Art = Lucrativeness. It's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Atm, it ain't cold here at all! Over the past two weeks, we've had temps as high as 21° during the day! The Germans call it a Goldener Oktober (i.e. Indian Summer) and I ain't complaining. Last weekend the girls and I drove down to Bavaria and I could've left my Lederjacke at home. We spent a day gallivanting around Munich and I had a grand ol' time. The South is really different from the North, y'see. The culture's different (people are friendlier in the South) and the accents are different (although everyone speaks Deutsch, Germans from the North claim not to be able to understand their counterparts in the South, and vice versa). The leaves have surely fallen from all the trees o'er there, no?

While in Munich, I took the opportunity to document my current obsession. We call 'em Litfaßsäule and they are - I kid you not - errywhere to be found in Germany. At the end of the day, they're just advertising columns. Or are they? I find it hard not to love everything about them: there's an urban-y sidewalk structure-y feel to them, they're eye-catchy (I always find myself peeking at the ads posted on 'em), they're not billboards (i.e. flat as hell), and best of all, I'm pretty sure that they're nowhere to be found in North America. *sniggers mischievously*

Just a likkle history for you: the first Litfaßsäule were installed in Berlin back in 1855. And luckily for me, it doesn't look like they're gonna go out of style anytime soon.

What does advertising look like in Van City? Is it daring or drab???

Halloween's in T minus 4 days. Why not dress up as a giant carrot? Hahahaha. Biro lang!!!

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