Oct 23, 2013

30. Braunschweiger Drachenfest (Kite Festival)

I just recently learned that festivals involving kites are common in Germany, and that they usually take place in the autumn. We had our own wee Kite Festival here in BS earlier this month and I made sure not to miss it! It was a crisp, clear-skied and sunny Sonntag. My memory of the day is vivid because we had had a week of straight raininess prior to this day. Living here has taught me never to take the sun for granted! In the spring and autumn it's typical to get days on end of cloudy and wet dreariness.

They were selling kites at the actual festival and would ya check out the leggy kite in the photo above?! Seeing that kite "flying" in the air was an absolute hoot. The other kites were cute and colourful but not as amusing or mighty. Overall 'twas a splendid afternoon but I didn't linger about because shortly upon arriving, I lost our camera's lens cap. Doh!!

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