Oct 12, 2013

WTF does a German burger look like?!

Exactly like an Amerikanisches Burger, minus the soft white kaiser bun. Brötchen (German-style bread rolls) are heaps kooler, anyway. Until earlier today, I hadn't even heard of Jim Block before. But in one of my lessons this morning the topic of steaks came up, and I found out the steakhouse Block House also has this chain of burger joints which I have strangely enough, not yet tried.

The thing is, I'm skeptisch because based on what I've tried so far, let it be known that Germans really know how to f.ck up a simple burger (I'm pointing at you, Play Off). While some argue that the burger actually originates from Germany, everyone knows it's a North American speciality... which is precisely why the burgers here are all copycats. Seriously now, NY Blue Cheese?! Germans don't even like blue cheese (let alone NY).

The least Jim Block could do is offer a German burger, no?! What it'd be served with/its condiments would be, I couldn't tell you. Gimme a day to brainstorm and I'll get back to you. Sadly, Germans just aren't experimental when it comes to food. They are dumbstruck and clueless when it comes to taking another culture's cuisine and jazzin' it up with their own ingredients/in their own style. It's a pity really. But it goes hand-in-hand with the German mentality of sticking to tradition.

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